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Memory that never forgets: non-volatile DIMMs hit the market
Basically they use energy in a supercapacitor to write to flash memory in the event of power loss.
Don't fear the leaker
"What does matter is that the Snowden affair occurs in the context of an unprecedented administration war on whistleblowers. And that's a bad idea because whistleblowing is one of the things that maintains the legitimacy of a government as big, and otherwise unaccountable, as [that of the United States]."
Google Reader Founder: I Never Would Have Founded Reader Inside Today's Google
What does killing off products like Google Reader due to Google's future ability to innovate as a company?
Legalized Prostitution Increases Human Trafficking
"The theory is that customers will favor legal over trafficked prostitutes, thus reducing demand for the latter. Yet, legalization may also raise overall demand for prostitution. This increase in the size of the market may lead to more trafficking even if most customers prefer legal prostitutes. Seo-Young Cho, Axel Dreher, and Eric Neumayer find in a recently published article in World Development that this latter effect dominates empirically"