The joy of not being online

Having spent about six weeks of the past 12 months overseas, one of my conclusions is that it's nice to escape from the grasp of the internet every once in a while. I've been thinking that it's something that I probably should do more often.

My guesstimate is that I probably spend 10-12 or more hours a day in front of a computer each day during the week. A lot of that is accounted for by working on a Computer Science degree (who could have guessed that that would involve time in front of a computer?), but a lot of that is basically time just slipping through my fingers.

Anyways, my current plan is to try to get away from reading blogs for a bit. I'm not quite sure whether or not that plan will actually work out. However, hopefully it'll give me some time for a few other things instead. Some of the "few other things" includes more time for research and more time with my nose in a book (You weren't really expect me to do something involving this odd concept called a "social life" were you? Who do you think I am?)

As a footnote, what's up with me always waking up at about 6:30am for a while after I get back from traveling? After last year's Middle East trip, my schedule was more normal than normal (without using an alarm clock) and now I keep waking at up about the same time even though the alarm clock isn't set to go off until 7am.


So if you're spending less time online and reading blogs--you can ease off of bugging me to blog again some day.
Or had you already given up on that?

You think that you'll get away that easily? ;)