The long and winding road

...of a camera battery charger. Back in March (20-25) we (myself and family) took a weekend excursion to Calgary and Lethbridge. A couple days before we left Shena asked me if I was taking my battery charger for the camera (EOS D30). I said "No, I'll charge them before we go." On either the Wednesday or Thursday before we left, I charged the batteries during the day, and Shena packed up the charger for me when they were finished. Not knowing where to put it, she put it in my camera bag. Normally, it goes in the computer desk, out of the way. We drove out through the night on Thursday, arriving in Calgary around 0900 MDT. I headed to bed for a few hours, and, due to just taking it easy, didn't pull the camera gear out on Friday at all.

Saturday, I headed out with Dave to do some railfanning along the Laggan Sub as far as Field BC. At probably our first stop, near Exshaw, I removed the charger from the camera bag, with much griping about how "I told her I wasn't taking it." That was before taking this shot.
CP 8774 near Exshaw

We carried on, taking a couple more shots, on this page and I completely forgot about the charger. I'm not sure where Dave found it, but I suspect it was either with a bunch of his stuff on the back seat of the whistle-mobile (I mean, Dave-mobile), or it slid under the front passenger seat, but I really can't remember. Monday we left, checked out the Lethbridge area, and headed home on Tuesday.

A while after we got home, I was making preparations for a canyon trip on the 12th of April, and wanted to charge the camera batteries beforehand, to make sure they wouldn't die on me. After searching all the usual places, and then some, I came to the realization that said charger was likely still in Alberta. I called Dave, and by sheer coincidence, he had sent me an email that morning, or the night before, which I hadn't seen yet, but told me that he did, indeed still have my charger. At that point it looked like I would be heading out to Lethbridge in a week or two for job interviews, travelling through Calgary in the process. That still hasn't happened, but it will at some point this spring.

As it turns out, Roger went to visit Dave on the last weekend of April, as Dave mentioned in another post. My charger hitched a ride back to the Valley as a stowaway around the 26th or 27th of April, over a month after it went to Alberta. From there it waited in Langley for a week, before it was handed to my brother-in-law Jason, then to my mother-in-law, who dropped it off in the evening on May 4. So, a couple thousand unnecessary kilometers (okay, several hundred miles!) later, my charger has been reunited with its owner! Amazingly, my camera batteries did not die on me in that time frame, I suspect because I have my good set in the camera right now. So, many thanks to Dave, Roger, Jason, and Mom deGlint for getting my charger home!


Shena tells me she's withholding that thing married people do (sleep?) until I post this disclaimer. She wants me to state very clearly that it is NOT her fault I forgot my charger in Dave's car. Apparently it's my fault that I didn't tell her that the *camera* charger doesn't go in the *camera* bag. I believe I told her that I wasn't taking it, and I was (obviously) taking the camera bag, but I can cut her some slack because she was packing for herself and 2 kids at the time. Say...maybe I can blame the kids, 'cause she's supposedly not at fault! Next time I'll make sure of where the charger is before we go.