The end of the iPod

As I've mentioned before, the iPod Nano that I've got has left me less than impressed. The new guy, whose appearance I'm currently awaiting in the mail is a Creative Zen V Plus. At roughly half the cost of what I paid for my Nano in November, I get:

  • double the storage (8 gigs - I want to stick to flash storage for durability)
  • an FM tuner,
  • a smaller size,
  • support for DRMed WMA files (used by both audiobook services offered by several libraries including one that I have a card at - where the iPod is unsupported) without losing support for This means more free audiobooks available
  • support for video

On a related note, Sennheiser headphones seem way overpriced in Canada. I have a set of cheap noise-cancelling headphones which really don't work particularly well, and had a chance to compare these to someone's Sennheiser PXC250s and the difference was incredible. The problem: $250 at Bestbuy in Canada vs. less than $100 at

(You can't seem to order through with a Canadian shipping address for these, so I ordered through instead. Normally I hate shipping via UPS, but in this case I figure that however ridiculous their fees, I'll still end up saving money with a price difference of this magnitude.)