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These Personality Types Have The Happiest Marriages
"men who are introverted gain the least in the long-term from being married, with extraverted men gaining the most from marriage. Introverted men were actually less happy, on average, after getting married than men who had never married."
Ethnic favouritism: Not just an African phenomenon
"Ethnic favouritism is widely regarded as an African phenomenon, or at most a problem of poor and weakly institutionalised countries. This column uses data on night-time light intensity to challenge these preconceptions. Ethnic favouritism is found to be as prevalent outside of Africa as it is within, and not restricted to poor or autocratic nations either. Rather, re-election concerns appear to be an important driver of the practice."
Preference for boys persists among 2nd generation South Asian parents, study finds
An update on an update. The difference in behaviour amongst immigrant populations that I noted there still exists. Interestingly this found that the different was largely amongst second-generation South Asian immigrants than first generation. As before I'm guessing that this'll attract a lot more attention than the opposite trend seeming to exist in the overall population.
The Great Facebook Crash
"The very largest news publishers appear to be faring somewhat better on Facebook in terms of engagement, with Fox News especially flourishing since the company began trying to prioritize 'trusted sources.'"