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Weekend lie-ins could help you avoid an early death, study says
"The research found that individuals who managed just a few hours’ sleep each day during the week but then had a long snooze at weekends had no raised mortality risk, compared with those who consistently stuck to six or seven hours a night."
Why do some Christians consider Pontius Pilate a saint?
A quote from the Biblical Archaeological Society in the article: "early Christians saw Pilate in a very different way. Augustine hailed Pilate as a convert. Eventually, certain churches, including the Greek Orthodox and Coptic faiths, named Pilate and his wife saints. And when Pilate first shows up in Christian art in the mid-fourth century, he is juxtaposed with Abraham, Daniel and other great believers."
Coffee Waste Is Now Fetching a 480% Premium Over Coffee Itself
Guess that price differential will change if more suppliers start trying to sell the stuff but interesting nonetheless.