"Why Trump won and could win again"

Would recommend the following as a commentary on a lot of the research and analysis you'll find done by academics and promoted in the popular media on the subject of Trump and those who voted for him:

The above conversation is also available in MP3 format on the corresponding BloggingHeads page - which will allow you to focus in on particular parts of the discussion. You can find a summary of al-Gharbi's research "Race and the race for the White House: On social research in the age of Trump" here.

Too much of what passes for in-depth analysis on any issue with a "social justice" connection these days seems like the sort of thing done by "the hedgehog, who knows one big thing, toils devotedly within one tradition, and imposes formulaic solutions on ill-defined problems" (to quote the description of the 2nd edition of Philip Tetlock's book Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?). That's precisely the sort of analysis which, based on Tetlock's analysis, you should expect to find with gaping holes and proving relatively unreliable.