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Chinese Influence on The Western Examination System
Quoting Sun Yat-sen: "At present, the civil service examinations in the (western) nations are copied largely from England. But when we trace the history further, we find that the civil service of England was copied from China. We have very good reason to believe that the Chinese examination system was the earliest and the most elaborate system in the world."
No, Teachers Are Not Underpaid
"Contrary to myth, teachers are generally not foregoing higher salaries by staying in the classroom. Data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation show that teachers who change to non-teaching jobs take an average salary cut of about 3 percent. Studies using administrative records in Florida, Missouri, Georgia, and Montana showed similar results; the Georgia study found 'strong evidence that very few of those who leave teaching take jobs that pay more than their salary as teachers.'"
When Terrorists and Criminals Govern Better Than Governments
"The Taliban has moved to fill the gap by providing free mediation of tribal, criminal, and personal disputes. Afghans report a great degree of satisfaction with Taliban verdicts, unlike those of the official justice system, where petitioners often have to pay considerable bribes."