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This gross habit might actually be good for you
"Scientists at a number of prestigious universities including Harvard and MIT now say parents should not actively discourage their kids from picking their noses. They claim ingesting boogers can be good for teeth, as well as overall health as they are packed with a “rich reservoir of good bacteria.”"
Explanatory Judgment, Moral Offense and Value-Free Science
"the moral offensiveness of a scientific hypothesis biases explanatory judgment along several dimensions, even when prior credence in the hypothesis is controlled for. Furthermore, it is shown that this bias is insensitive to an economic incentive to be accurate in the evaluation of the evidence"
At Least Bias Is Bipartisan: A Meta-Analytic Comparison of Partisan Bias in Liberals and Conservatives
"Overall partisan bias was robust (r = .254) and there was strong support for the symmetry hypothesis: liberals (r = .248) and conservatives (r = .247) showed nearly identical levels of bias across studies. Several methodological features moderated the degree of overall bias, and the relative magnitude of bias in liberals and conservatives differed across political topics."