Integrity in the quest for justice

I've been debating whether to post anything longer about the events in Ferguson and at the University of Virginia over the course of the last year or so. For now I wanted to excerpt the following from a recent NYT article:

... these cases stand as cautionary markers that we can never be so eager to have our convictions confirmed that deliberation is abandoned and our truth-detectors are disarmed. That goes for those in the media as well as the public. Sometimes justice dictates a glacial fortitude, even in a modern period of instant gratification.
In these cases, the error must be acknowledged and absorbed without distorting the mission. One measure of the merits of a movement and a cause are their resilience in the face of tumult, their ability to take a blow and scamper back to their feet, to stay homed in on the beacon of light even after the darkness falls.
Remember what Malcolm X said: “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against.” When you are in honest pursuit of justice, the truth will never hurt you.

One thing that I found rather odd about the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson was just how hard and consistently the media and activists were pushing a single and seemingly questionable case as an instance of obvious police brutality when there seemed to be other, better-supported examples that could be used. Even since the Michael Brown shooting, the deaths of Eric Garner or Tamir Rice both seemed to be reasonably documented cases that could be used to make that point. To push Brown's case over these other two once the details of it arose - including the results of multiple autopsies and testimony from eyewitnesses with relatively little reason to lie - has seemed to me to be likely counterproductive in the quest for justice. I like Blow's assertions above from the NYT, but it seems to me that as far as the Brown case goes the NYT overall has been part of this problem.

Now it seems that there may be another such case in the shooting of Walter Scott where the cop in question has now been charged with murder. If a cause is true, you should expect to find multiple and sometimes well-documented examples of it - but often it seems the media and activists often push the more dubious cases rather than the cases that seem to me most likely to produce positive changes.