Maclean's university rankings falling apart...

It seems like the annual Maclean's university rankings might no longer work so well. 11 universities are no longer participating. The list of universities dropping out includes the UofT, UBC, SFU, U of Alberta, U of Calgary, McMaster, U of Manitoba, U of Lethbridge, Dalhousie, U of Montreal, and the U of Ottawa.


"Keller said Maclean's will continue to publish its annual rankings of 47 universities, including the 11 that have decided to opt out of the survey.

'All of the information is available publicly," Keller said. "So the decision of some universities to say they are not going to fill out an information form that we sent them doesn't really change anything.'"

Seems like a mass exodus. I wonder what prompted them all to quit at the same time.